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Gallery & Movie Widgets

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Show your Free Gallery, Private Gallery and Movies on your own website.

Two new widgets have been released that allow you to monetise your own website or blog by embedding your Galleries and/or Movies into them.

Visitors to your site can now view your free gallery, subscribe to your private gallery or view your movies all without leaving your site.

Using the movie plugin you could actually set-up your own clip store to sell movie clips of any member, where they get paid as normal, and you earn via the referral scheme.

Have a look at the new plugins on the Wizards & Tools Page.

MAS and Google Analytics

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It is now possible to add a Google Analytics Tracking ID to your 'My Adult Site' configuration.  Use Google Analytics to analyse the visitors to your website.  See how many hits your Site is receiving, where your visitors are accessing from, what sites link to your Site and what keywords people are using to find your Site in search engines.

Whilst the results may reveal that things aren't that busy, it will give you the insight to enable you to track your own website marketing activities.  

To get the most out of your 'My Adult Site' you should ensure that your profile summary and details are full, accurate and include all the words that you want your site to be associated with in search engines.  The number of sites that link to your Site is also a factor in search engine positioning so be sure to include a link to your Site on all forum posts, your email signature, Facebook page and Twitter bio.

To get started with Google Analytics, visit this website:

All endpoints support HTTPS only

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It is no longer possible to connect to any endpoints, platform or API using http://.  All calls must now use https://.

API Consumption: Best Practices

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To help developers get the very best out of the API, we have written this small blog that briefly details some of the good practices that should be followed when it comes to consuming the API.

One of the most common implementations that the API lends itself to is a Profile Listings directory-type application or website. The two main API endpoints that developers would use are /search/searchProfiles and /profile/getProfileDetails.

If a developer chooses to import and cache API data on their own servers we would highly recommend that the getProfileDetails endpoint is only requested on demand - when the end-user chooses to view more information for a specific profile. The response data from the API should be cached with a TTL (Time To Live) and any subsequent end-user requests for that specific profile should then be served from the developer's local cache until the TTL expires and a new getProfileDetails API request is required.

Caching data from the searchProfiles endpoint should be implemented with the ProfilesPerPage request property set to its maximum of 100, and with other criteria such as IsEscort set to true. The more criteria a developer specifies, the faster the API will respond.

Developers should be aware that caching data from the AdultWork API for long periods of time will likely result in the data being out of date or irrelevant. Profiles are added, removed and modified on the Platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so this is something to bear in mind when deciding the duration of a cache's TTL.


My Adult Clip Store

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Calling all marketeers, adwords specialists and domain name owners - time to make money!

The My Adult Site - Adult Clip Store has arrived!

Step 1) Create your own Adult Clip Store, here

Step 2) Promote it via the programmes and channels you have experience with.

Step 3) Earn a referral income from all sign-up and spends through your site.

Step 4) Repeat from Step 1 as many times as you like, for different movie categories or niches, only free movies or different colour options.


Some samples...
This shows movies belonging to members of the Little Teen Cumsluts Group, combined with a domain registration.
More traditional 'tube site' colours and using the default clip store URL.


Get yours now!

Buy with Credits

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We have added some examples to our Unified Login pages to demonstrate how to deploy your own "Buy with Credits" button. The examples show you how a user can subscribe to a private gallery, view a movie or simply buy credits for later use.

With this set of updated platform features you can allow your users to buy and spend their Credits without ever having to leave your site.

Check out the Unified Login now to see what you can implement today.

If you want to see it in action, hit up one of the My Adult Sites - choose Random Example - and look for someone with a private gallery or movie library, (e.g. KinkyDirtyBitch's)

New API features

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We've recently launched some great new end points for our API.  Following the guidelines within our updated API Reference it is now possible for developers to include Top Lists, Field Reports, Blogs, Pictures and Movies in their own applications.

Use Top Lists and Field Reports to create your own punter guide complete with ranking list and detailed reviews. Or use Blogs to create the new Tumblr for Adults.

Always wanted to have you own tube site?  Use our new Movies API to build a great tube site for any niche you like and earn money with our referral program.

Check out our updated API Reference and start developing something great today.  If you have a business proposal or joint development idea, feel free to suggest it. members can rest assured that their content and sales income is managed in exactly the same way as with the main Site.  Nothing in the Developers Area or API works any differently to the main site.  E.G. someone views a your movie on a developer site - the client pays the price you set and you receive the same.  All that happens is that the developer will get a referring income when referring new customers.

New Features for My Adult Site

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Blogs Now Included

Our latest update now shows your blog (from your profile) on your My Adult Site.  Add blog entries regularly to keep your MAS looking fresh and up to date.

If you have a MAS already but no blog, start blogging here.  If you are an Member already and would like a My Adult Site, click here.


Use your existing domain name with My Adult Site

It was already possible to buy a new domain name for your My Adult Site and now you can use an already owned domain name.  You can either point a full domain or sub-domain.  If you would like to make use of this feature, please log in and check out the updated My Adult Site Domains section in your account.


My Adult Site for Groups

It is now possible for group managers to create a My Adult Site for their group. Currently there are two great group templates available. Both templates automatically have a member list added. Each member gets a micro-site incorporated into the main group site.  If you are a group member or manager and don't have an online presence yet, you have to check out the new group templates in our Template Store.  To see a live example, visit, automatically generated from the Group KinkyDirtyBitches.


Announcing My Adult Site

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Service providers on can now register a custom domain name and use one of our modern website templates to launch profiles on the open web.

Not only will profiles be discoverable on with a website, profiles will be integrated into one of our managed templates and deployed for discovery through search engines.

Existing profiles stay the same and nothing on has to change, but providers can benefit from the bonus of having an independent site of their own. There is no extra work required to manage a second page: profile changes are reflected on custom sites in minutes.

Newly released is our “Buy with Credits” feature, which allows sales of Private Gallery images and Movie Clips through the credits system. Leveraging our web platform through the built-in widgets customers can complete purchases through without having to navigate to the main website – buying credits and even registration for a new account can be completed in the purchasing flow. Sites can pay for themselves through sales of content under the providers’ control.

The templates on offer are designed to respond to the device they are viewed on and look great on mobiles and tablet screens up to desktop monitors. There are ten templates currently available, each in a number of coloured themes, and all of the templates offered by Developers are free so switching between templates and themes can be done at any time. The available Developers templates will always be free and when updates are released these will automatically upgrade deployed sites.

Registration of a selection of top-level domains is available: the ubiquitous .com and offer a professional finish to any site, while and .name add a personal touch. Various country codes (.uk, .nl, .de) are available with the potential boosts to search engine ranking that geographic targeting can provide. Both premium adult entertainment domains are available, so new sites can be launched with the unique flair of the .sexy or .xxx domains. members who have already bought a website can upgrade to a custom domain through the dashboard on the Developers site.

Welcome to the Blog

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Welcome to the new Developers blog. There's an array of exciting new features waiting to be added to the Platform. Here you will find the latest news and updates relating to the Platform and any other important or relevant industry news.

Happy developing, from Developers!