Movie Collections

method: searchMovieCollections

This API operation returns the movies collctions used in

URL / Endpoint

GET /v1/search/searchMovieCollections


UserID integer Returns all collections of the profile with the specified UserID.
MinimumAmountOfMovies integer The minimum amount of movies in the collection.
MaximumAmountOfMovies integer The maximum amount of movies in the collection.
OrderBy string Sets the order in which the collections will be returned. Default is numberofmovies. Order options are title and nickname.
CollectionsPerPage integer Sets the number of collections on each page of the result set. Accepts values from 1 to 100. Default is 50.
PageNumber integer Returns a specific page in the result set. Accepts values from 1 onwards.

Request Information

HTTP Method / Verb

Parameters can be passed to this operation using the HTTP GET method by passing parameters over the query string of the URI.


The REST API uses HTTP request headers to determine what data type is returned or to authenticate the developer's API key. More information can be found in the overview section.


Your API-Key is required with every request and can be passed in as a header or a query-string parameter. Don't have an API-Key? Get one now.


GET method


PageCount integer Represents the total number of pages in the result set.
PageNumber integer Represents the current page number.
CollectionsTotal integer Represents the total number of collections in the result set.
CollectionsPerPage integer Represents how many collections are listed on each page.
Collections Array of aws:MovieCollection List of MovieCollection data.

Response Sample

The following example returns an example result of the movies listed on

"PageCount": 1,
"PageNumber": 1,
"CollectionsTotal": 1,
"CollectionsPerPage": 1,
"Collections": [
"CollectionID": 1,
"Title": "Cool collection",
"Description": "Check out my collection of movies",
"MoviesTotal": 7,
"ThumbURL": "",
"ImageURL": "",
"User": {
"GenderID": 2,
"UserID": 123456,
"Nickname": "JosepheneBlogs",
"IsEscort": true,
"IsWebcam": false,
"IsPhoneChat": false,
"IsSMSChat": false,
"AvailableTodayEscort": true,
"AvailableNowWebcam": false,
"AvailableNowPhoneChat": false,
"Age": 21,
<MovieCollectionResult xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
<Description>Check out my collection of movies</Description>
<Title>Cool collection</Title>
<Age xmlns="">21</Age>
<AvailableNowPhoneChat xmlns="">false</AvailableNowPhoneChat>
<AvailableNowWebcam xmlns="">false</AvailableNowWebcam>
<AvailableTodayEscort xmlns="">true</AvailableTodayEscort>
<IsEscort xmlns="">true</IsEscort>
<IsPhoneChat xmlns="">false</IsPhoneChat>
<IsSMSChat xmlns="">false</IsSMSChat>
<IsWebcam xmlns="">false</IsWebcam>
<Nickname xmlns="">JosepheneBlogs</Nickname>
<Ratings xmlns:d5p1="" xmlns="">
<UserID xmlns="">123456</UserID>