API Reference


The AdultWork.com API gives your application direct access to member's profile and related data.

Authentication & API Key

Your API-Key is required and can be passed in as a request header or a query-string parameter. Don't have an API-Key? Get one now.

API Operations and Requests

Parameters can be passed to most API operations using the HTTP POST method/verb with serialized JSON in the request body, or the HTTP GET method/verb by passing parameters over the query string of the URI.

The REST APIs are held in two environments. Use the Sandbox environment for testing purposes during development, then move to the live environment when you're ready to go into production.

To use the live environment submit your project and get access.

Submitting your project is easy. Open your Project and click Start Submission.

  • Sandbox, base URI: https://api-sandbox.adultwork.com
  • Live, base URI : https://api.adultwork.com

Operations Overview

Profile namespace

GET POST /v1/profile/getProfileDetails Details
GET POST /v1/profile/getRatings Details

Group namespace

GET /v1/groups/GetDetails Details

Blogs namespace

GET /v1/blogs/getBlog Details
GET /v1/blogs/getUserBlogs Details

Tours namespace

GET /v1/tours/getTour Details

Fieldreport namespace

GET /v1/fieldreport/getFieldreport Details

Newsfeed namespace

GET /v1/newsfeed/getUserSummary Details

Search namespace

GET POST /v1/search/searchProfiles Details
GET /v1/search/searchFieldReports Details
GET /v1/search/searchMovies Details
GET /v1/search/searchMovieCollections Details
GET /v1/search/searchPictures Details
GET /v1/search/searchBlogs Details
GET /v1/search/searchTours Details
GET /v1/search/searchNewsFeeds Details
GET /v1/search/searchGroups Details

Lists namespace

GET  /v1/lists/getGenders Details
GET /v1/lists/getOrientations Details
GET  /v1/lists/getDirectCamCategories Details
GET  /v1/lists/getCountries Details
GET  /v1/lists/getRegions Details
GET  /v1/lists/getCounties Details
GET  /v1/lists/getEnjoys Details
GET  /v1/lists/getBustSizes Details
GET  /v1/lists/getContentGenders Details
GET  /v1/lists/getCurrencies Details
GET  /v1/lists/getDressSizes Details
GET  /v1/lists/getEthnicity Details
GET  /v1/lists/getGroupTypes Details
GET  /v1/lists/getMovieCategories Details
GET  /v1/lists/getMovieFormats Details
GET  /v1/lists/getTimeZones Details
GET  /v1/lists/getTopList Details

Request Headers


You must supply your API Key with every request. It can be passed to the API using this request header or the query-string.

X-ApiKey: {your-api-key}


The API Secret is used to gain access to our API for applications that you cannot prove the origin of. You must supply your API Secret for every request that comes from a server or app. The secret can call the API from every origin so it is extremely important that it is not compromised.

Never send your secret in code that is exposed to the client. This applies to all methods of code that are not secured like client-side code (such as HTML or JavaScript) or native apps (such as iOS, Android or Windows desktop apps) that could be decompiled.

We recommend that API Secrets should only be used directly from your app's servers in order to provide the best security. For native apps, we suggest that the app communicates with your own server and the server then makes the API requests to our API using the Secret.

If your API Secret is compromised, you should reset it immediately. Open your Project and click the Renew button next to API Secret. You will have to change the Secret in your code.

X-ApiSecret: {your-api-secret}


Be default the API will return the JSON models in PascalCase. You can request a different one by adding X-CaseType in the header. Possible values are lowercase, uppercase and camelcase.

X-CaseType: lowercase


When using HTTP POST you need to specify the Content-Type of your request as application/json.

Content-Type: application/json


The API will respond in JSON or XML, depending on the specified Accept header. Possible values are application/json and application/xml.

Accept: application/xml