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Revenue Opportunities using the API & Platform


Develop an app, niche website or widget and make money!

Anyone that visits via one of your referral links, (which are incorporated automatically on API generated links), will be assigned to you for a default period of 3 months.

Should they subsequently register, you will receive a 3% of all the credits they buy during that time frame.

Payments can be made to you via Paxum, UK or EU bank transfer or international bank wire as and when you request them, once your payout amount is above £100.

We can accommodate almost any payout or referral value/percentage.  If you wish to propose a different model based on a sliding scale or fixed amounts per referral, please get in touch and detail your proposal.

Difficulty Level
Easy - Beginners can use the Profile Badge and Profile Listings tools
  • Basic computer skills
  • The ability to copy and paste generated code