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Create Webcam Booking

This API operation will create a webcam booking for the authenticated user.

URL / Endpoint

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POST /v1/Webcam/CreateBooking


BookUserIDs string Required. The comma delimited string of UserIDs of the users you wish to book a webcam session with.
Note: The first person to accept gets the booking, all others are cancelled. You may invite up to 4 people at any one time. These users must be configured to do Webcam sessions.
AlsoPhoneChat boolean Set this value to True to create a PhoneChat booking too.
Note: When setting this to True PhoneNumber is required.
PhoneNumber string Represents the phone-number of the client.
SessionDate datetime Required. The date at which the webcam session will be planned. This must be in the future and no further than 3 months in advance. Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM.
Duration integer Required. The duration in minutes that this session will take.
Credits decimal Required. The credits offered by the client for this booking.
SoftwareTypeID integer Required. The type of software you will be using. Possible values are: 1 for MSN Messenger, 2 for Yahoo Messenger and 3 for Skype.
SignInNameOrEmail string Required. The Sign-in name or email address the authenticated user will be using to login. The performer can recognize the user by this.
Note: When supplying SoftwareTypeID=1 this needs to be a valid email address.
SendSMSOnAccept boolean Send a SMS to the authenticated user when the performer accepts this booking.
Note: The authenticated user will need to have it's mobile number verified.

Request Information

HTTP Method / Verb

Parameters can be passed to this operation using the HTTP POST method with serialized JSON in the request body.


The REST API uses HTTP request headers to determine what data type is returned or to authenticate the developer's API key. More information can be found in the overview section.


An Authorization header is required with every request and must contain the access_token of the user. More information can be found in the Access tokens page.


This endpoint requires the following scope:



POST method


Authorization: bearer {your-access-token}
{ "BookUserIDs" : "123456,123457,123458", "SessionDate":"2018-02-01 12:00", "AlsoPhoneChat": true, "PhoneNumber":"0123456789", "Duration":10, "Credits":10, "SoftwareTypeID":3, "SignInNameOrEmail":"BookingUserOnSkype" }


  array of aws:WebcamBookingResult Represents the result of the booking.

Response Sample

The following example shows the data returned from the sample above.

"UserID": 123456,
"BookingID": 1,
"AlsoPhoneChat": true,
"Status": 0,
"StatusDescription": "Success"
"UserID": 123457,
"BookingID": 2,
"AlsoPhoneChat": false,
"Status": 1,
"StatusDescription": "The Webcam booking is made but the user does not allow phonechat."
"UserID": 123458,
"BookingID": null,
"AlsoPhoneChat": false,
"Status": 2,
"StatusDescription": "The user is not using Skype for webcam sessions."
<ArrayOfWebcamBookingResult xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/API.Models.Webcam">
        <StatusDescription>The Webcam booking is made but the user does not allow phonechat.</StatusDescription>
        <BookingID i:nil="true"/>
        <StatusDescription>The user is not using Skype for webcam sessions.</StatusDescription>