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Get Albums

This API operation gets the albums of the user specified in the UserID parameter. When the authenticated user is subscribed to the private gallery of the owner of the album the API will return the ThumbUrl of the album.

URL / Endpoint

Need help with Postman?

GET /v1/Pictures/GetAlbums

GET /v1/Groups/Pictures/GetAlbums (See Group manager)


UserID integer Required. The ID of the owner of the album.
ReturnPictureIDs boolean To let the API return the ID's of the pictures set this to true.

Group manager

If the authenticated user is the manager of a group, the user can impersonate another member of the group. This allows the manager to perform tasks of other group members without having to authenticate as them.

The request can be build in the same way as the regular request, but targeted towards the Group manager endpoint. It re-uses the existing UserID property to set the ID of the group member. This means you can only use the Group manager version of this endpoint to get data from your group members.

Request Information

HTTP Method / Verb

Parameters can be passed to this operation using the HTTP GET method by passing parameters over the query string of the URI.


The REST API uses HTTP request headers to determine what data type is returned or to authenticate the developer's API key. More information can be found in the overview section.

This endpoint has the following optional headers:

X-MaskImages 1 What's this?


An Authorization header is required with every request and must contain the access_token of the user. More information can be found in the Access tokens page.


This endpoint does not require any additional scopes.


GET method


Authorization: bearer {your-access-token}

GET as Group Manager


Authorization: bearer {your-access-token}


array of aws:Albums The albums of the user.

Response Sample

The following example shows a sample returned by the API.

    "UserID": 123456,
    "AlbumID": 1,
    "AlbumName": "Look at my pictures",
    "AlbumDescription": "My new album!",
    "AlbumSize": 2,
    "Sequence": 0,
"ThumbSafe": false, "ThumbUrl": null, "PictureIDs": [ 1,
2 ] }
<ArrayOfPictureAlbum xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/API.Models.Pictures">
        <AlbumDescription>My new album!</AlbumDescription>
        <AlbumName>Look at my pictures</AlbumName>
        <PictureIDs xmlns:d3p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays">
<d3p1:int>2</d3p1:int> </PictureIDs> <Sequence>0</Sequence>
<ThumbSafe>false</ThumbSafe> <ThumbUrl i:nil="true" /> <UserID>123456</UserID> </PictureAlbum>