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Get Scheduled Shows

Use this method to search for scheduled DirectCam shows of AdultWork.com members.

URL / Endpoint

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GET /v1/directCam/GetScheduledShows


StartDate datetime The start date and time of when the show is scheduled. Format is yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm Default is Current date.
EndDate datetime The end date and time of when the show is scheduled. Format is yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm Default is 24 hours later then StartDate.
CategoryID integer The ID of the Child category. See the getDirectCamCategories method.
VATIPAddress string If supplied it will check the country of that IP address and add the local VAT to the price. For example: IP addresses from the UK will add 20 % to the price.
VATUserID integer If supplied it will overrule VATIPAddress. It will get the users vat details and add the vat to the price.

Request Information

HTTP Method / Verb

Parameters can be passed to this operation using the HTTP GET method by passing parameters over the query string of the URI.


The REST API uses HTTP request headers to determine what data type is returned or to authenticate the developer's API key. More information can be found in the overview section.


Your API-Key is required with every request and can be passed in as a header or a query-string parameter. Don't have an API-Key? Get one now.


GET method

  ?apiKey={your-api-key}&startdate=2016-10-14 21:00&endDate=2016-10-14 21:59


Array of aws:ScheduledShow The member's DirectCam Scheduled Show data.

Response Sample

The following example returns a result with StartDate set to 2016-10-14 21:00 and the EndDate set to 2016-10-14 21:59.

"ScheduleID": 1,
"Title": "Come and watch me",
"Summary": "You'll like me in my naughty show",
"Details": "Whatever you like I can do. Just join me.",
"EstimatedLengthInMinutes": 30,
"CategoryID": 1,
"ScheduledDate": "2016-10-14T21:15:00",
"Credits": 1.5,
"UserID": 123456,
"Nickname": "
"Ratings": {

"Total":33, "Positive":34, "Neutral":0, "Negative":1, "Ratings":35, "Disputes":0
"ScheduleID": 2,
"Title": "Get ur freak on",
"Summary": "This will be wet.",
"Details": "Bring your raincoat as it will get wet...",
"EstimatedLengthInMinutes": 60,
"CategoryID": 17,
"Credits": 2.99,
"UserID": 1234567,
"Nickname": "
"Ratings": {
"Total": 20,
"Positive": 21,
"Neutral": 0,
"Negative": 1,
"Ratings": 22,
"Disputes": 0
<ArrayOfScheduledShow xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/API.Models.DirectCam">
Whatever you like I can do. Just join me.<Details/>
<Ratings xmlns:d3p1="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/API.Models.Profile">
You'll like me in my naughty show</Summary>
Come and watch me</Title>
Bring your raincoat as it will get wet...<Details/>
<Ratings xmlns:d3p1="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/API.Models.Profile">
This will be wet.Summary>
Get ur freak on</Title>